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1. We take the old coat apart and lye it flat.

2. The coat is put through a 5mm fur cutting machine. That gives us the yarn

3. The yarn is sewn to make it strong and unbreakable.

4. The leather portion of the yarn is retanned so that is becomes waterproof.

5. The yarn is knitted into a garment.

We now have a super soft method of treating the leather. That combined with the wash and dye results in the best product we have ever made. The ReKnits in 2009 are soft and fluffy. We also make your garment into scarves that you give your childen as a memory.

For more information please contact Takashi Itoh at 416 979 7997.

Before and after mink!

The above jacket was before we made the yarn.                        The final knit is as above.